Unity of Purpose for She Changes Climate Podcast Series

She Changes Climate is a campaign to gain more female perspective, input, leadership and participation in the deciding factors around the climate change negotiations at COP26 in Glasgow Scotland from November 1- 12th, 2021.

The campaign has created a new podcast series comprising of 26 message recordings, by 26 climate activist leaders, scientists, sustainability educators and environmental game-changers, including our own Founding Editor Caroline S. Asante.

Unity of Purpose is the title of our founding editor Caroline S. Asante's audio episode for the SheChangesClimate podcast series on Podbean.

Women and girls are disproportionately and negatively affected by the effects of climate change, so why are we not head of the climate negotiations table, rather than marginalised at the side of it? We believe we all are equal parts of the same energy, we have a unity of purpose to share, love and keep our planet and human kind in balance. Photo by Valentina Conde_unsplash

Mother Earth needs us more than ever to have our priorities include her. You can listen to the entire podcast series which is available now on Podbean and contribute to this important campaign.

You can listen to Caroline's podcast recording here

About She Changes Climate

She Changes Climate was founded by Antoinette Vermilye, Elsie Buckle and Bianca Pitt in 2020 to seek a greater balance of female/male leadership in climate representations at COP 26, calling for the UK Government to have at least 50% of the delegation to be women of all diversities.

The campaign created an open letter in December 2020, to the UK Government, highlighting the lack of women represented at COP 26 and for greater accountability and transparency on the ratio of male/female contribution and involvement which makes up the UK COP26 leadership team.

The campaign's mission is to draw attention to the startling lack of representation of diverse women at the design making table, this includes all women in all their diversities at the top-level leadership team in the UK, with a global mission is to ensure ALL delegations have at least a 50% representation of diverse women at their top levels.

Here is what you can do to action support for change and gender equality in making decisions that affect us all on this planet.

Join the campaign and spread the word here