Senegalese Painter creates sustainable fashion with his artwork.

Photo by Daniele Trasatti

Senegalese painter, artist and designer Mokodu Fall's (above) transforms his paintings into wearable sustainable fashion. Now based in France, the Senegalese born and raised son of combines his love of art, with his passion for social equality. He started his early career as a political cartoonist for journals ”Afrique Economique and "Le Débat", before moving to Italy in1995. Spending more than two decades in Rome, as a DJ and Actor, Fall has established a successful career as a sought after painter and artist and fashion designer.

"My art is spiritual in culture and it has helped me gain more visibility. Fashion has changed my life, before it was only in Senegal and Italy I was known (as an artist), now all around the world people want to buy my clothes, so now I start to paint on my clothes and it has become a beautiful ritual."

Mokodu Fall Designs (Jardin de l'Amour collection) Photos @FedeKortez

Sustainable Fashion and #Slowfashion is of importance to the designer, who appreciates nature and named one of his collections as he creates bespoke art fashion one unique piece at a time as he points out.

"I only create one of each item really, and by order, so I do not mass produce. I want to bring art inside fashion and all my items are hand-made and created. In fashion we have to think about the environment and include it in our process, and if we want a future, then we must conserve and control the amount of output commercial fast fashion has on our planet."

Fall is inspired by both political revolutions and nature of Africa, it pays homage to the designer's respect of his continent's freedom fighters and endangered animals. And he often models his own apparel appearing in photoshoots. His portraits adorn jackets and pantsuits with imaging of legendary Nigerian musician FELA and paintings of the majestic Lion as both represent to the designer, Africa's symbols of strength and freedom.

Mokodu Fall Design 2019 Photo by @fedekortez

"I'm always trying to show to best view of Africa in my work, the vibe, energy, colour and the animals which are unique there. I translate this to my art which ends up on my clothing designs."

Just over a year ago the designer moved with his young family to Northern France, and from his studio in Dunkirk, paints and has released several fashion collections seen on the catwalks at Milan Fashion Week.

Milan Fashion week 2021 Mokodu Fall Designs Photos by @jonbronxl

Many of Fall's designs are previous artworks and paintings transferred unto one-of-a-kind coats, jackets suits and dresses.

"My Jardin de l'amour fashion collection was in fact inspired by paintings I made in 2006, so it was amazing how these paintings got a new life in 2020 and were the inspirations for the fashion collection I did last year"

Fall's work has been shown in numerous exhibition throughout the world, notably The October 2015 African Art fair Paris (France). May 2015 Biennial contemporary art and culture Rome (Italy). May 2016 Biennial Dak’art Dakar (Senegal). His accomplishments are far from common refined style to many painters. Mokodu uses various figurative techniques but oil on canvas painting is his favourite technique.

For more information on the designer, purchasing and up coming shows see Mokodu's instagram @fallmokodu