NYC D.O.B platform combines fashion with brands of purpose.

Recently launched, NYC based D.O.B (Date of Birth) is a fashion platform which brings together purpose brands that are tied to both community and sustainability. The platform's ethos caters around environmental awareness, inclusion and keeping a locally focused base.

Co-founders and entrepreneurs Noah Treshnell and Wes McCaw, are both former C-Suite retail marketing and e-commerce marketing specialists who have worked for top brands including The Gap, Sephora, Levi and Walmart. As Treshnell explains.

"D.O.B is a combination of us utilizing our personal networks, which is pretty extensive in the retail industry; with our desire to see a new type eco- fashion retail business. Our brands have amazing giveback stories. From putting children through school, to empowering women in the workplace, to giving back to local communities in Harlem through dance classes. Giving back in real ways that help real people."

The founders want to create a purpose driven fashion platform for good, and provide an outlet to share their combined 40 years in retail to help start-up, local and purpose brands grow.

Co founder Wes MacCaw says.

"We will only partner with sustainable fashion brands which reflect our ethics. And we must empower each other in our efforts to preserve our environment, highlight inclusion, and support local communities."

Purpose fashion brands at D.O.B One 432, Yema, CalinY, Soko and Vustra

The founders want their customers to question their fashion purchases and reflect if the brands in their closets reflect their values. Noah Treshnell concludes.

“If profit is your number one purpose, then you have no other purpose. Nothing gets in the way of profit-first companies, no matter the impact to the employees, customers, community or environment.

WHERE TO FIND? D.O.B website is

Instagram @dobdrop