How to visualise yourself out of lockdown (again).

Oh only if I were laying on the deck right now!

Mood: Creative Visualisation helps in all stressful situations.

Image by Caroline S. Asante

1. Change Your Scene with Virtual Reality

Experience the world from a new perspective. VR Seeker takes you on a Journey To The Edge Of Space. Enjoy this 360 Virtual Reality experience via a weather balloon. Travel above the height of Mount Everest, ascend through the jet stream, hear participation inside a cloud and ascend 1,000 ft per minute 90,000 feet above the ground into the stratosphere.

2. Escape with a feature (removable) Wall Mural

What we stare at repeatedly, affects our mood and perceptions of life. Working from and staying at home more often now during the pandemic, means looking at the same ole walls day after day. So why not create a visual escape wall which instantly puts you in a good feeling mood? Removable wall papers and 3D murals are a glorious thing, especially if you don't have a lot of wall space or need to have the option to remove later. They're hundreds of choices available to purchase online. For a sunny 3D "I'm at the beach feel" lookout try Stickyourroom or escape to a tropical rainforest with this 3D stick and peel by Wallnutzz

All available on Etsy.

3. Understand the Law of Attraction

This concept changed my life direction and living perceptions. Although known throughout the world as "The Secret' It all begin with The Law of Attraction book in 1982 by Esther and Jerry Hicks using the wisdom of beings called Abraham who simple help us remember and understand why we are all really here , and that is to experience the diversity of life and to live in joy and abundance, no matter what is appearing around you. Although available by e-book, I highly recommend listening to the Audio version on Audible.

4. Create your Visualisation Board

Focusing on what you have (as opposed to what you don't have), is an easy and crucial mind-shift first step towards greater abundance. When you focus on what you have, and that which you wish to add to your life (as opposed to focusing on the lack of), you imediately raise your frequency and tap into the most abundant energy ready to oblige and support you. Use the lockdown time wisely to focus on you. There is more than enough money, love, health, good times, joy, and all the material comforts to make your life easier in abundance for your receiving. Create your own fabulous Visualisation Board (one of mine above) on Pinterest for free.

5. Listen to Music

Music is the ultimate mood shifter, heater and all-round-energy-vibration-booster.

Ditch the 24/7 news feeds, it will only bring you down and keep you in a state of apprehensive, worry and uncertainty. Remember your life manifests how you think about it. Switch off listen to your favourite music (with the smartphone and tv off), any time you can, whilst working from home, making supper or before bed.

6. Learn to paint anything. Watch and Paint with professional artist on You Tube

I love to painting both acrylic and water colour, and it is only during the first lockdown that I had my chance to finally create some artwork for our home A little rusty after a year or so of not picking up my paint brush, it was so calming, gratifying, mind soothing and all round stress-relieving. One of my favourite You Tube artists , I've followed for several years now, is The Art Sherpa. Aka Cinnamon Levy, she gives some of the best step by step painting tutorials all in a very fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Great for all ages and all levels.

Slider Photos: First Image One of my paintings following her brilliant guidance. Second Image: The Art Sherpa her latest live-streamed tutorial November 1st.

7. Plant some flowers for Spring

If you want to fill your garden, balcony or south facing window ledge with colour next spring, now is the time to plant bulbs (November and December). From Crocus, Blue Bells, Daffodils, and Tulips, to fragrant Grape Hyacinths - think ahead with optimism, get planting and enrich your well-being with colour, fragrance and nature's beauty. Here's a very useful site to get you started.

8. Mind Candy

10 Mysterious Things That Will Make You Question Reality.

Yes, this is the name of this You Tube video. No further write up necessary.

9. Get Crafting And Boost Your Mental WellBeing

Have your knitting and crochet needles at the ready.

Research by University College London ( UCL), in collaboration with the Craft Council London found participants who engaged with a creative- making activity, reported reduced stress and anxiety. Additionally studies have shown significantly reductions of cortisol levels in participants making creative activities. In Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s best-selling book The Psychology of Optimal Experience, he describes this experience as “flow” in which a person becomes completely absorbed in a creative activity, they reach a state of being in which nothing else enters their mindset.

10. DIY and Make Your Own Fabulous Front Door Christmas Wreath

I cannot leave out making a Christmas Wreath in this list. A most crucial crafting, self expression, create must-do during this current lockdown. I make one every year, and it is a definite stress busting exercise. Add extra happy feelings with a glass of homemade eggnog or mulled wine, and your front door will thank you by greeting you every day looking fabulous.

See my best DIY Christmas Door Wreath ideas coming December 1st.

11. Take a Summer Retro Selfie (in winter)

Actually this is our idea (remember this feature is about how to visualise yourself out of lockdown), however if you are running out of selfie pose ideas you and over 4.7 million viewers of this You Tube Selfie Pose Ideas are too. Get some help darling, selfies are here to stay. Nothing like dressing up, and spending hours on end taking cool pictures of yourself, when you don't really need to. Oh, some people do that for a living?

Remember You Are a Creative Magician

Visualisation is an important part of understanding you have self- empowered to create your own reality.

This article is updated from the 11 Ways to Visualise Yourself Out of Lockdown and a follow up to my article on How to Survive Lockdown (1), published in May this year for my monthly column in Velvet Magazine and also an available here on Sustainable Diva.

Lockdown can also be seen as a time to slowdown, discover purpose, connect more with nature, find the stillness to connect with self, learn a new skill, get to the tasks at home you never have time for, or cook home-made food. I've read many prisoners who are incarcerated often talk about feeling free for the first time, and therein lies the irony. Remember we each create the realities we are experiencing, consciously or not and how we view circumstances determines our well-being or not.

May Your Choices Reflect Your Hopes, Not Your Fears - Nelson Mandela