Crystals have a unique charm to them. They are widely known for a range of uses, from their ability to turn any space beautiful to their powers of healing. Many who use them claim that these crystals enhance wellbeing, promote mental health and help in stress relief. Former fashion stylist and certified shamanic energy medicine practitioner Colleen McCann believes every crystal type has a different purpose.

"Our ancestors intuitively knew that when worn, the energies of the stones would interact with the human electromagnetic field to bring about energetic changes.”

Crystals are deeply connected to the energies associated with mother nature. Therefore, when humans work with them, they can act as extremely strong sources of healing and grounding energy. The critical thing to remember here is that even though crystals can help maintain a sustainable lifestyle, you, the practitioner, will also have to put in some effort to achieve peace of mind, good health, or whatever it is you are hoping for.

Here are 10 of the best healing crystals to help you achieve better balance and promote self-care.

Crystal for Peace and Tranquility

Amethyst crystal for peace.

If you need a stress buster or even just need a good night’s sleep, amethyst can help. Known for its pretty purple color and mysterious look, amethyst is the crystal best suited for peace and tranquility. It helps eliminate the negative aura in any space. Amethyst is also known for its ability to keep energy-draining personalities out of your space.

Actress Lucy Hale says

“Amethyst is the most positive stone there is, so if you put them in your house, they’re supposed to generate good energy.”

This crystal is also great for cleaning spaces. Place the amethyst crystals in the corner of your bedroom or living space for a soothing and calm vibe, ensuring your mental peace.


Rose Quartz

Matters of the heart are often the most painful. Rose Quartz is an excellent crystal to heal heartaches. The rose-colored healing crystal conveys calm and soothing energy to the wearer, promoting self-love and keeping them open to positive relationships.

The rose quartz is ideal to be worn as a pendant close to your heart. This can help you ward off bad emotions, heal heartaches and emotional wounds and encourage you to love yourself. It also helps you in your journey to forgiveness, aimed at both yourself and others. There is no better way to heal than to forgive.

Dreams, Hopes and Balance


You might turn to crystals to help actualize dreams. Moonstones are a beautiful group of crystals that have a bluish-white moonlight-like adularescence. Many believe that this stone can heal illnesses related to both childhood and old age. But the true mystery when it comes to moonstones is their ability to aid in visualization and the law of attraction.

Energy from moonstones can aid in actualizing your hopes and dreams. Many wearers prefer to use them in bracelets, rings, or earrings to have it with them on the days they need them the most.



One significant advantage of crystal healing is its effect in curbing fear and offering protection. Aquamarine is undoubtedly the most widely accepted crystal for matters of protection and health. It is said to have a great soothing effect when the wearer ails from digestion issues, eyesight problems, or dental troubles. In addition, this crystal is a positive force for believers, allowing many to attune themselves to a loss or speed up the healing process.

Due to its use by sailors, many associate this stone with reducing their fear of water and bringing loved ones back home or to the right path. You can place aquamarine crystals as a part of your home decor, as they can easily fit into a theme and brighten up the vibe of a study or bedroom.

Cleanse and Purify


It is essential to clean your living space and your aura. It helps you ward energy and keeps you rejuvenated. Amber, known for its connection with nature, is the crystal for cleansing and purification. This precious jewelry stone has been a part of the human healing process since prehistoric times.

The electrical spark it gets on rubbing with wool or silk has often been said to signify the spark of life. This powerful crystal can be used in jewelry or even as small decorative stones to purify your aura, remove negative emotions and even cleanse your living spaces.

For Health and Wellness


The yellowish hue of citrine is highly calming for those who believe in the healing powers of crystals. Popular among “earth tone” jewelry lovers, citrine is usually a result of heat-treated quartz and amethyst.

Citrine crystals are generally known for their ability to create an aura of emotional wellbeing. In addition, it can also help those with physical ailments such as insomnia, pain and inflammation, and hearing issues. Experts often suggest that wearers use citrine in its natural state.

Growth and Friendship

Relationships play an important part in life, and these are built on sensitivity and commitment. Emerald is the crystal associated with growth, contentment, and loyalty. It can promote personal growth, allows you to focus, and can enhance friendships. Emerald jewellery is an easy way to keep these crystals around you or gift them to your friends or dear ones to renew hope and infuse contentment and loyalty in friendship.

Creativity and Confidence

Lapis Lazuli

Crystals can often help you achieve the strengths buried deep within you. One such crystal is the lapis lazuli. It enables you to tune in to your natural frequency and brings forth a creative spark. It can also help you express yourself more eloquently through words, art, and more. Lapis Lazuli can easily be integrated into rings, earrings, decor items, and the like.

Recharge and Find Your Balance


Often in the rat race of life, we forget to recharge and take some time off. That is why crystals like hematite allow you to stay grounded and make up for your lost energy. Hematite can easily be incorporated into your meditation space in the form of vases or pieces of decor. If you want to recharge on the go, you could even get hematite keychains or accessories that fit inside your bag.

Alertness and Power


Sometimes, you will find yourself drifting away, feeling tired and no longer stimulated. Quartz crystals can come to the rescue here, rejuvenating your mind and making you active. It promotes awareness and can promote the brain. It can also enhance your relaxation and acts as good support for other crystals.