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We bring a fresh approach to sustainability with colour, diversity and vibrancy.

Welcome to Sustainable Diva Mag. A new type of platform which puts fun, colour and vibrancy into a new type of sustainability narrative. I'm a former BBC broadcaster, journalist and programme maker for over a decade, and in media and communications for over two (decades). I'm now an environmental scientist and circular economy designer for the past 5 years. Take a look around at our original articles we are small but mighty and growing. No massive team of brand makers behind this nor an advertising agency using sustainability as click bait. All contributors are qualified in the areas they write about and our fabulous growing team of purpose collaborators, partners, global conscious change makers, doers, and creators are happy to share their life's passion and love for our planet with you. One people, one race, one planet.  More to come watch this space. Stay joyful.

Message from the Editor

Caroline S. Asante 

Sustainability | Sustainable Fashion | Sustainable Diva Mag

Caroline S. Asante MSc. FRSA 

Born and based in Montreal Canada, Gab Bois (she/her), is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose practice focuses on photography. Her work masters the art of blurring the lines between real and simulated. Compositions reveal personal circumstances and environmental awareness, using her own image, plants, soil, flowers, fauna, food and technology as avenues of creative expression. Her latest photo book “New Album” showcases the first four years of her photographic journey she says  “While mainly living online, my photos depict real objects, and I wanted my book to highlight this physical presence."

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Many items heading to a landfill near you can be repurposed into creative waste-saving items, instead of polluting the very soil we use to grow food, boosting the new circular economy in fashion, household goods, and electronics. 

Sustainable Diva Magazine has partnered with several environmental partners and stakeholders

to bring you Nil2Landfill - our new series and campaign coming soon. 


Focus on fast fashion and its negative environmental impact, often takes front stage when we examine our conscious approach to clothing and trends, however we rarely think about our feet, and the environmental impact our shoes, sneakers and trainers have on the planet. "This needs to change" says Author Tansy E. Hoskins, which is the passion purpose behind her latest book. FOOTWORK - What Your Shoes Are Doing To The World

Senagleses Painter Mokodu Fall 

Turns Canvases into Wearable Art  

Senegalese painter, artist and designer Mokodu Fall's (above) transforms his paintings into wearable sustainable fashion. Now based in France, the Senegalese born and raised son of combines his love of art, with his passion for social equality. "Art is spiritual in culture, its deep with fashion for me, and has helped me to get more visibility as an artist and now fashion designer"  

Sustainability | Sustainable Fashion | Sustainable Diva Mag

We are a unique and diverse editorial platform championing Eco conscious living and well being with colour and style. On Sustainable Diva Magazine, we focus on high-quality editorial content which magnifies individuals, groups and collectives all with the same purpose to value our planet’s finite resources.

Bananas are the world's most consumed fruit and its farmers are on the front lines facing the effects of climate change. Meet Rainforest Alliance farm owner Fanny Arajjo Duran, she is a small banana producer in Ecuador, the largest country exporter of bananas in the world. Yet as the world's most popular fruit, banana production is often associated to high pesticide use, low prices and ways and violations of workers' rights.  A proud owner of her farm La Gacela, she says consumers abroad need to have greater awareness of where the bananas they eat come from. 

Rainforest Alliance farm owner Fanny Araujo Durán in Ecuador.png